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Great Wall of China

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Jinshanling Great WallBrief introduction
The Great Wall of China was constructed over 2,000 years ago, which has a long history and presented as an important signal of China. It is one of the largest building construction projects ever completed.
The Great Wall can be easily seen from the moon according to the astronauts. It starts from Shanhaiguan in the east and ends at Jiayuguan in the west, which zigzags its way along the rolling mountains, just like a gigantic dragon. In China, the wall is called as "Wan-Li Chang-Cheng" which means 10,000-Li Long Wall. Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It is also seldom to see such gigantic project in China or elsewhere around the world.

Main Function
As traditionally consideration, the Great Wall is only for military protection. Such thinking is so unilateral, far from its functions in all. To protect from intrusion and plunder in order to safeguard the national security and peoples peaceful life. The Great Wall, totally to say, was aimed to protect the inland countries from the aggression of nomadic nations. And the tranquilization environment, in a large degree, had advanced the development of agriculture and stockbreeding. During succession aggressions and recoveries, there appeared the famous Silk Road and migration speeded faster as well. Not only in the field of inhabitation, but also in the aspect of the business and trade. The mid part of China and the western were communicated more bit by bit. Last but not the least, all of which above were concluded as help to develop the traffic condition smoothly. In a word, we could not ignore the Great Walls important military statues in history, but also its influences on human lives.

Great Wall today
Today the Great Wall still presents as a great mystery to the people all over the world. Though it has already lost its original strategic meaning, still it remains as a big tourist appealing attraction owing to its cultural and historical value. The laboring people of different dynasties demonstrated their intelligence and wisdom while building this great project. They left behind a precious heritage deserving our everlasting care.
Now it has already recognized as one of the greatest wonders of the world, and was enlisted in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. To some extend, it is a symbol of China.

The Great Wall Legend
The widely known folklore about the Great Wall is about a woman named Meng Jiangnv. It is a legend in the period of Emperor QingShiHuang, who was regarded as a Pharaoh in ancient China. The husband of Meng Jiangnv was forced to escuage in constructing the Great Wall without any words in three years. She went to find her husband and finally found out that her husband had already been dead on the wall. She was in deep sorrow that kept weeping and wailing there. And later it said that sections of the Great Wall was collapsed all at once. Not only a legend here, but from which we could imply that the Great Wall had burdened a lot on ordinaries. It is the production of dumb millions grieved tears and hardships, which possesses the long pungent and bitter history process.

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great WallBadaling Great Wall - Tourists favorite choice
Badaling Great Wall all along turns out to be the most impressive travel section because it is well maintained and easy for travelers to walk along it.
The total length of the wall of Badaling is 3, 741 meters with an average height of 8 meters and the highest part is 15 meters. The inner side of the parapet is about one meter high. The battlement in the outer side is about two meters high with embrasures for shooting through. And there are arched doors that could lead you to the high point of the wall by stone stairs.

Huangyaguan Pass of the Great Wall
Huangyaguan Pass is famous for a motto that if one person guards the pass that ten thousand men couldnt get through. It was an important pass under the Jizhou fortressed town in the Ming Dynasty, lying 20 km northeast of Jixian county, Tianjin. Just as the motto goes, it is always regarded as one of the most important strategic position. It stretches for 25 miles and features parapets, watchtowers and fire-pits.
Different from those parts of the Great Wall in Beijing, Huangyaguan Pass possesses its own special features in structure. The layout of the architecture is unique. Within the mountain pass city wall we could see a network of T-Shaped road junctions or crooked ruler so that when the enemy enters into the city he can hardly find his way. So many travelers enjoy such special feelings when they enter the Huangyaguan Pass. It is an indispensable section of the Great Wall.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall Impression
Jinshanling Great Wall locates in the Luanping County, Hebei Province. It is 140 kilometers from the northeast end of Beijing City and 90 kilometers to the Mountain Resort of Chengde. It was initially built from 1368 to 1389 in the Ming Dynasty and it is regarded as an important doorway in the northeast defence line at that time.
From the integral point, Jinshanling Great Wall is only second to Badaling Great Wall. The Historic Relics Bureau and the Ministry of Culture also did surveys in 1981 that the magnificence of this section is equal to that of Badaling. It possesses a 700 meters high elevation that is the highest tower to see Beijing. On this account Jinshanling Great Wall is the best place to take pictures, so many overseas travelers choose it. Also the Jinshanling Great Wall still remains what its original outlook in Ming Dynasty, where you can truly get the impression of what life-like in that epoch.

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Great Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huairou County and some 70 kilometers northeast of Beijing area. It stands in the east opposite of Badaling Great Wall, which is in the west. And it also connects Gubeikou Pass in the north and Huanghuacheng in the west.
Mutianyu Great Wall was constructed in the Northern Qi Dynasty and had been restored in the early Ming Dynasty. Unlike other scenic spot, Mutianyu Great Wall is abundant in vegetable and fruit trees, just like a natural garden with over 90% greenery. We can find scenic spots, such as Lianhuachi (lake), Zhenzhuquan (spring) and Longtan (lake) in the neighborhood. Especially in spring and autumn, the landscape is much more enjoyable and beautiful.

Shanhaiguan Pass of the Great Wall
The facts of Shanhaiguan Pass of the Great Wall
Shanhai Pass, some 15 kilometers from the traveling city of Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, got its name from being located between the Yanshan Mountains and the Bohai Sea. It is an important pass in the eastern Great Wall. Shanhai Pass is one of the most popular national attractions and the first strategic pass at the eastern end of the Great Wall. It always presents beautiful scenic spots to tourists, which turns to be a very convincing reason for overseas tourists. The State Council proclaimed Shanhaiguan a key historical monument in 1961.

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