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Beijing Attractions

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Beijing Top Attractions:
Beihai Park , Beijing Hutong , Bell & Drum Tower of Beijing ,
Fragrant Hill Park
, Grand View Garden ,
Great wall
,Ancient Observatory , Confucius Temple ,Lama Temple ,
Ming Tomb
,Summer palace , Taoranting Park ,Temple of Heaven ,
Tiananmen Square
, WuTaSi (The Temple of Five Pagoda, also called the Museum of Carvings)

Badachu Park ,Beijing Botanical Garden ,
Beijing Zoo ,Forbidden City , Great Bell Temple (Dazhongsi), GuangJiiSi Beijing , JingShan Park ,
Marco Polo Bridge , Old Summer Palace(Yuanmingyuan) , OxStreet Mosque
Beking Man Site , Prince Gong's Mansion , Temple of Azure Clouds(Biyun Si) ,
Temple of Recumbent Buddha (Wofo Si)
, White Dagoba Temple

Beijing Attractions by district

Changping District
Baihujian Natural Scenic Spot, Baiyang Valley Scenic Spot, Chile Heping Temple, Diujiuyu Natural Scenic Spot , Gouya Natural Scenic Spot, Hundreds of Immortals Cave, International Shooting Range in North Ch, Jiulong Amusement Park, Mangshan National Forest Park, Micro View Garden of Old Beijing City, Pagoda Forest on Silver Mountain

Chaoyang district
Birds Garden, Chaoyang Park, China Agriculture Museum, China Red Sandalwood Museum, China Sports Museum, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park, Dongyue Temple, Ri Tan Park, Tuanjiehu Park, Xihuang Temple, Yuan Capital City Wall Site Park

Chongwen district
Beijing Amusement Park, Beijing Museum of Natural History, General Yuanchonghuans Shrine, Huashi Mosque, Longtan Park, The Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park, Yangping Guildhall, Zhengyang Gate

Daxing district
Banbidian Forest Park, Beijing Breeding Center for Endangered Animals, Beiputuo Film and TV Studio, China Press Museum, Nanhaizi Milu Park

Dongcheng district
China Art Gallery, Imperial College, Royal Ancestral Temple, Temple of Earth, Zhihua Temple

Fangshan district
Baicaopan Scenic Spot, Donghugang Scenic Spot, Jiangjuntuo Scenic Spot, Longxian Palace, Muesum of the Ruins of the Yan State Capital in Western Zhou Dynasty, Old Pagodas in Fangshan District, Pingxi Anti-Japanese Martyr Cemetery, Puwa Hunting Ground, Shangfangshan National Forest Park, Shi Du Scenic Spot, Shihua Cave, Xianqi Cave, Xihugang Scenic Spot, Yinhu Cave, Yun Ju Temple , Zhangfang Ancietn Battle Way

Fengtai district
Beijing Dabaotai Museum of the Western Han Mausoleum, Wanping City, World Park

Haidian district
Baiwangshan Forest Park, Beijing Botanical Garden, Cherry Valley , Dajue Temple, Fenghuangling Scenic Spot, Jiufeng National Forest Park, Purple Bamboo Garden , West Hill National Forest Park, Yangtai Mountain Scenic Spot, Yuyuantan Park,

Huairou district
Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort, Blue Sky Pasture, Fengxiang Temple, Green Dragon Gorge, Hongluo Temple, Hongshen Lake Scenic Spot, Labagoumen Virgin Forest Nature Reserve, No.1 Floating Area in Northern Beijing, Yuran Primitive Tribe Amusement Park, Shentangyu Natural Scenic Spot, Tian Chi Canyon Scenic Spot, Xiangshui Lake Natural Scenic Spot, Yanqi Lake , Yougu Shentan Scenic Spot, Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park, Ziyun Mountain Scenic Spot

Mentougou district
Baihua Mountain Nature Reserve, Eighteen Ponds in Western Beijing, Jietai Temple , Lingshan Mountain Natural Scenic Spot, Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Spot, Pearl Lake Scenic Spot, Tanzhe Temple, Xiaolongmen National Forest Park

Miyun district
Bashu Culture Garden, Black Dragon Pond Scenic Spot, Chaosheng Nunnery, Jinding Lake Scenic spot, Jiudaowan Natural Scenic Spot, Lord Yangs Ancestral Temple, Miyun Reservoir , No.1 Waterfall in Capital Beijing, Qingliang Valley Natural Scenic Spot , Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot , White Dragon Pond, Wu Zuo Lou Forest Park

Pinggu district
Feilong Valley Scenic Spot, Hudongshui Scenic Spot, Jingdong Great Gorge, Jingdong Great Limestone Cave, Jinhai Lake Scenic Spot, Laoxiang Peak, Shangzhai Culture Exhibition Hall, Sizuolou Scenic Spot, Stone Forest Gorge in East China, Wenfeng Pagoda , Yaji Mountain Scenic Spot

Shijingshan district
Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, Sihai Water Theme Park,

Shunyi district
Jiaozhuanghu Memorial of Tunnel Warfare Site, Great Reed Marshes Scenic Spot in Eastern Beijing, Kaiyuan Temple, Tangzhishan Scenic Spot

Tongzhou district
Xihaizi Park

Xicheng district
Beijing Planetarium, Capital Museum, China Century Altar, China Industrial Arts Gallery, China Science and Technology Museum, Former Residence of Lu Xun, Former Residernce of Song Qingling, Geological Museum of China, Mei Lanfang Memorial, Shichahai, Yuetan Park

Xuanwu district
Baiyun Taoist Temple, Beijing Museum of Ancient Architecture, Beijing Museum of Traditional Opera, China Stamp Museum, Guanfu Museum of Classic Arts, Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization, Temple of the Origin of the Dharma (Fayuansi), Xiannong Altar

Yanqing district
Badaling Wild Animal World, Exhibition Hall of Shanrong Culture, Guyaju Ruins, Kangxi Grassland, Longqing Gorge, National Geology Park of Wood Fossil, Songshan Forest Park, The Great Wall Museum of China, Yudu Mountain Nature Reserve, Zhan Tianyou Memorial

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